We try to bridge the gap between the archaological finds and the visitor. We can help the public’s understanding of the archaeologist’s essential work and hopefully the archaeologist’s understanding of the public’s curiosity ! From time to time we are called upon to recreate people and situations based on very little or no finds. When this happens we must rely on a wide field of research and our imagination. This is a perfectly acceptable practice as long as what we are doing and where scholarship ends and imagination begins is made perfecly clear through captions, graphics and alternative interpretations.

Above left: Finds and interpretations.

Above right: Nationaal Hunebedden Informatiecentrum project in Holland, where a great number of dolmens and some pottery are almost the only reference material available. The site cried out for some human presence…

Below: One of the many preliminary sketches that we made for the Pfahlbaumuseum, Unteruhldingen in Germany. This is an open-air museum where very serious archaeological work is interpreted in many exciting and imaginative temporary exhibitions and an ever evolving permanent display.