Client: Frazier Historical Arms Museum, Louisville, Kentucky

“At the Frazier Museum history comes to life every day through ever changing and interactive temporary exhibits… the Frazier Museum has the distinction of being the only place in the world outside Great Britain to permanently house and display artifacts from the British Royal Armouries .

Above: Fierce hand to hand fighting between Jacobite Highlanders and British Redcoats of the 4th Regiment of Foot at Culloden in 1746. The backgdrop is taken from a painting by David Morier, a Swiss artist employed by the Duke of Cumberland, the British Commander.

This was TM AG’s second commission from the Royal Armouries. We designed and, in cooperation with the sculptor scenes ranging from the Battle of Hastings in 1066 to Rorkes Drift in 1876. Some of the scenes featured David’s magnificent action packed horses and we shared the figure making. When our two teams were installing these scenes we worked alongside the team from the Royal Armouries, who were mounting displays of arms and armour from the Armouries’ collection.

Gerry Embleton recalls: “Ours is a very ‘hands-on’ style of working. We worked closely with the museum’s staff at all stages, it was practical and reassuring for them, a learning experience for us.”


Above left:     Gerry Embleton’s sketch for this diorama.
Above right:  One of TM AG’s specialities, realistic hands that really hold things !