Client: Pfahlbaumuseum, Unteruhldingen


There is a guided tour of the Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen and its park lasting 40 – 60 minutes or you can explore the outdoor museum and the interiors of several meticulously reconstructed houses at your leisure. You can see sections of five different ‘villages’ built during the last 80 years or so. Five new houses were added between 1999 and 2002 and the interiors of three show the results of archaeological research and exploration in the region using life sized figures, reconstructed artefacts and models. TM AG felt privileged to have formed part of the team that brought alive the villagers and their daily life of 3000 years ago.

Quotation from the Museum Guide: “Scenes from everyday life of the late Bronze Age form the core of the new village museum. The well known historical illustrator Gerry Embleton, working with an international team of craftsmen and artists has created figures, scenes and models which give a vivid impression of life during the Bronze Age period. It is necessary to guess at much of the detail and use intelligent detective work to fill in the many gaps in our knowledge. What emerges is a world very much like our own which knew times of war as well as peaceful trading, domestic life, farming, contact with the salt and copper mines of the Alps and perhaps with places much further away.”