Client: Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee

Zierikzee is a small medieval town on the Eastern Scheldt shore, 40 miles southwest of Rotterdam. One of the best preserved towns in Holland, it has middle age town walls and narrow cobbled streets. The Stadhuismuseum with its magnificent tower was the 16th century Town Hall and it has some particularly interesting archaeological finds on display. The interior is superbly restored and our figures, visible from inside and outside the building add an intriguing touch of life.

Above: Zierikzee was an extremely important site of madder production, the plant used widely for the production of red dye. One of the scenes TM AG has made shows a madder inspector tasting the product and testing it for quality.

A second scene illustrates the market that existed in the arcades of the building in the 16th century.
Above left: A townswoman goes about her shopping, photographed in TMAG’s studio.
Above right: This helpful butcher serves his customers.