Figure Making

“We try to make really believable ‘people’ with enough life in them to strike a chord in your heart and imagination that makes you believe that they have a story to tell which is worth listening to. Our figures are painted to fit the lighting so that time of day and mood are clear, as in any good illustration. When you take a closer look you will see historically accurate detail, from the cut and texture of clothes to worn equipment and dusty shoes. The figures can be disturbing, moving, even shocking and provocative but even if they are fast asleep they should be convincingly real and part of our world.”
Gerry Embleton

Top left:         Moulding a living model in the studio, more fun perhaps for us than for the victim.
Top right:       Birth of a head – a casting emerges from the silicon mould.

Below:            One of our specialities, hands that really do their job.

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