Great new museum opens in Taiwan

Chi Mei Museum
Tainan, Taiwan

Since 2012 Gerry Embleton and TM AG have been working on a spectacular new museum exhibition of arms and armour. Under the direction of Ian Ashdown, Time Machine AG has produced more than 300 illustrations and designs, and some three dimensional work. The exhibition has been designed by Ian Ashdown and from the photographs we have seen it is spectacular. We haven’t been allowed to show our work before the museum opened and so we start with a touch of comedy.


This is a Mongol warrior based on finds of clothing and weapons. The horse and the Mongol warrior’s head were made in the USA by our good friend David Hayes and costume and artifacts by friends and colleagues. Everything was carefully measured and came over in a large wooden crate to be unloaded in our garage and brought into our basement studio for assembly. Unfortunately the horse was too large by about 3 inches ! (my mistake) and totally impossible to carry into our large comfortable studio ! None of the team actually ran off to join the French Foreign Legion and we found a way to bring the horse into our living-room via the garden terrace. In the photograph below you can see Time Machine’s team being very calm and British and pretending that nothing is wrong… For the few days that followed breakfast and afternoon tea had a surreal atmosphere !


Here is our finished warrior safely installed in the museum. A lot of work but worth it !


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